Monday, 30 March 2015

The Solace project ....

My response/ contribution to the "Solace" project being created by India Flint ( An invitation from India Flint, please do click on the link for details of the project) ....

Vintage linen bed sheet.  L
ettering: painted with acrylics, sewn with linen thread and burnt in order to recreate the image of Iron Gall ink corrosion (Iron Gall ink quickly replaced with acrylic paint, due to the tummy turning moment when it dawned on me the impact that the iron might have on an Indigo vat)

Darned with vintage white cotton:

My prayer/ wish "To repair the damage that we have done whilst: acknowledging, accepting and honoring/ remembering the scars".

Some of the completed pennants can be found here: Sweetpeapath
Edit: The pennants in situ ..

Sunday, 22 March 2015

More messing about with Indigo ...

A delightful afternoon spent messing about in my back yard with: leather worker Ruth Pullan and a vat of Indigo .... a few more days/ weeks to create Indigo books.