Tuesday, 25 April 2017

3 step mordant, 3 dye pots and a bit of smocking ...

An invitation to take part in the (Surface) Pattern Exhibition  at Unit Twelve Gallery, 27th April- 26th August 2017 ...  the opportunity to make more Smocked books.

Inspiration:  to replicate the gold tooling on the spine of the book with a feminine art form. Reminiscent of the smocked dresses many of us wore as children, and for some, the memory of the women who made those dresses.   

Dyes: Indigo, Madder and Goldenrod 
Mordant: 3 step alum and tannin (it may take 3 days but 'oh my', the colours are so clear.)
Fabric: Recycled bed sheet and linen threads
Paper: 130 gsm recycled cartridge paper

 Madder and Goldenrod dyed cotton and linens
 ... overdyed with Indigo to hush the fierce yellow

 In situ and Unit Twelve ... 

Topping up in June ....