Monday, 29 April 2013

Heart Book Prototype

I have been wanting to create some books, with a more unusual shape, for quite a while. So here is my prototype for a little heart book with an open spine binding. Armed with one of my standard book blocks and a junior hacksaw ... here's what I came up with ... next step ... find a kindly soul who will let me play with their band saw.

My inspiration was the awe inspiring Heart Book, made around 1550,  from the collection of the National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University.Click here for the original link 

                                       The Heart Book


  1. Gosh what an amazing journal!!
    Again i am just admiring saying wow! What a great new project.
    Bet the original project was quite radical for its day!!

    1. Hi Lorna, thank you! I'm so excited about this little book that I've sewn up a few more and am hassling a friend to lend me his fretsaw ... the junior hacksaw took forever to cut.. I'd love to know how they did it in 1550 ... ?

  2. A beautiful book - thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Lovely little book. Did you saw the book block after sewing the signatures together as well.
    I might have to try something like this for my granddaughter for valentine's day