Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Matchbox Book ....

The opportunity to make another piece of  "Matchbox art",  to raise funds for the Yorkshire childrens' cancer charity  Candle Lighters  .... I couldn't resist!  

Exhibitors at this Novembers Crafted by Hand have been asked to make pieces of art that will fit in a matchbox. Visitors to the event will be able to vote for their favourite/s and buy them too, proceeds will go to the wonderful Candlelighters and the winner receives a prize from craft-and-design-magazine.

...  so, using scraps of Indigo dyed fabric and paper,  I made a 'Matchbox book' or is it a 'Book in a matchbox'?

... and a few photos of my process

Here is one I made for the same charity a couple of years ago: Avocado in a Matchbox


  1. Gorgeous - the spine alone is an absolute work of art!