Monday, 6 November 2017

Matchbox book #4

It's November which brings me the annual opportunity to make another piece of  "Matchbox art",  to raise funds for the Yorkshire children's cancer charity  Candle Lighters  .... I couldn't resist!  

Exhibitors at this Novembers Crafted by Hand, 4th and 5th November, have been asked to make pieces of art that will fit in a matchbox, proceeds will go to the wonderful Candlelighters. I will be offering my book for sale via my Folksy shop at UK time 7pm on Monday 6th November (includes free P&P).

...  so, using: scraps of my Indigo dyed fabric, one of my tiny porcelain buttons, images and text copied from my Imperial Dictionary (published in 1883) ,  I made an 'Indigo Matchbox' book ...


  1. Gorgeous - I love small and Candlelighters is an amazing charity. We had, and still have, huge cause to be grateful to them when my son, now 23, was diagnosed with leukaemia as a 13 month old and St James became the centre of our world for a while. :o)

    1. Dear Alex, thank you for your kind words about my little book. I am so thrilled to be able to make my ‘oh so small’ contribution to such an amazing charity. I wish you and your family continued good health. K x